ACRI Conference

ACRI Conference will be held from Wednesday September, 22nd until Friday September, 24th at Auditorium Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio, Rua del Cassero, Ascoli Piceno (in green in the map).

All the social events take place in the centre of the city (in pink) near hotels (in blue).

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The location is supplied with slide projectors and panels for the posters. Poster section will be held on the area where coffee breaks and lunches take place. It is not scheduled an oral presentation for posters but open discussion with interested participants. Please note that the maximum dimensions of posters to be hung up is A1 format (mm 594 x 841).

ACRI 2010 Program

Tuesday September, 21st

CUP - Centro Universitario Piceno

09.00 - 13.00
14.00 - 18.00
18.30 - 19.30
ACRI 2010 Welcome Opening

Teatro Comunale "Ventidio Basso"

Wednesday September, 22nd

Auditorium Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio

09.00 - 13.00
ACRI 2010 - CA Theory
14.00 - 15.00

Invited speaker: Naabel Koshak (Hajj&Omrah research center, Saudi Arabia)

15.00 - 18.00
ACRI 2010 - CA dynamics, control and synchronization
Thursday September, 23rd
Auditorium Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio
09.00 - 13.00
ACRi 2010 - Modelling and Simulation with CA
14.00 - 15.00
Invited speaker: Vito Acconci (Vito Acconci Studio)
15.00 - 18.00
ACRi 2010 - CA-based Hardware
"Le Scuderie" Restaurant
20.00 - 22.00
Friday September, 24th
Auditorium Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio 09.00 - 10.40 ACRI 2010 - CA and Networks
11.00 - 13.15 ACRi 2010 - Codes and Cryptography
14.30 -


All registered conference participants are invited to attend ACRI 2010 social events (opening aperitf on 21.09, musical event on 21.09, dinner on 23.09 and city tour on 24.09).

Conference room will be equipped with a beam projector, (presenter are kindly invited to inform ACRI2010 organization in case for their presentation they need a laptop)

Wednesday September, 22nd
ACRI 2010 Opening - S. Bandini, I. Humeo
CA Theory I (T. Worsch)
Chiara Damiani, Stuart Kauffman, Roberto Serra, Marco Villani and Annamaria Colacci. Information transfer among coupled Random Boolean Networks
Soumyabrata Ghosh, Tirthankar Bachhar, Nirmalya S. Maiti, Indrajit Mitra and Parimal Pal Chaudhuri. Theory and Application of Equal Length Cycle Cellular Automata (ELCCA) for Enzyme Classification
Toshihiko Komatsuzaki and Yoshio Iwata. Cellular Automata Model for the Size Segregation of Particles
Sebastian Frehmel. The Sandpile Model: Parallelization of Efficient Algorithms for Systems with Shared Memory
Coffee break
CA Theory II (O. Bandman)
Luidnel Maignan and Frédéric Gruau. Convex Hulls on Cellular Automata
Dominique Désérable and Guillaume Cottenceau. Open Environment for 2d Lattice Grain CA
Patrick Ediger and Rolf Hoffmann. All to all Communication with CA Agents by Active Coloring and Acknowledging
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Invited speaker : Dr. Nabeel Koshak (Hajj&Omrah research center, Saudi Arabia)
CA dynamics, control and synchronization I (R. Serra)
Jan Baetens and Bernard De Baets. Towards Generalized Measures Grasping CA Dynamics
Franco Bagnoli, Samira El Yacoubi and Raul Rechtman. Synchronization and Control of Cellular Automata
Anna Piwonska and Franciszek Seredynski. Discovery by Genetic Algorithm of Cellular Automata Rules for Pattern Reconstruction Task
Coffee break
CA dynamics, control and synchronization II (S.E. Yacoubi)
Matthias Schulz. Addition of Recurrent Configurations in Chip Firing Games: Finding Minimal Recurrent Configurations with Markov Chains
Hiroshi Umeo. A Seven State Time Optimum Square Synchronizer


Thursday September, 23rd
Modelling and Simulation I (A. T. Lawniczak)
Maria Vittoria Avolio, Alessia Errera, Valeria Lupiano, Paolo Mazzanti and Salvatore Di Gregorio. Development and Calibration of a Preliminary Cellular Automata Model for Snow Avalanches
Jan Baetens and Bernard De Baets. Tracking Uncertainty in a Spatially Explicit Epidemic Model
Ivan Blecic, Arnaldo Cecchini and Giuseppe A. Trunfio. A Proximal Space Approach for Embedding Urban Geography into CA Models
Ranaivo Mahaleo Razakanirina and Bastien Chopard. Using Cellular Automata on a Graph to Model the exchanges of cash and Goods
Coffee break
Modelling and Simulation II (B. Chopard)
Claudia Roberta Calidonna, Adele Naddeo, Salvatore Di Gregorio and Giuseppe Andrea Trunfio. Canv2: a Hybrid CA Model by micro and macro-dynamics Examples
Mehrdad Ghaemi, Omid Naderi and Zahra Zabihinpour. A Novel Method for Simulating Cancer Growth
Andres Montoya and Mejia Carolina. The Complexity of Three-dimensional Avalanches
Diletta Cacciagrano, Flavio Corradini and Emanuela Merelli. Bone Remodelling: a Complex Automata-based model running in BioShape
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Invited speaker : Vito Acconci (Acconci Studio, New York)
CA based hadware (S. Di Gregorio)
Stefania Bandini, Andrea Bonomi and Giuseppe Vizzari. A Cellular Automata based Modular Illumination System
Stefania Bandini, Andrea Bonomi and Giuseppe Vizzari. Modeling and Programming Asynchronous Automata Networks: the MOCA Approach
Coffee break
Jia Lee and Ferdinand Peper. Efficient Circuit Construction in Brownian Cellular Automata Based on A New Building Block for Delay Insensitive Circuits
Machi Zawidzki, A cellular automaton controlled shading for a building façade
Anastasios Tsiftsis, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis and John Lygouras. FPGA Design of a Cellular Automaton Model for Railway Traffic Flow with GPS Module
Social dinner @"Le scuderie" Restaurant


Friday September, 24th
CA and Networks (G. Mauri)
Yassine Daadaa, Paola Flocchini and Nejib Zaguia. Network Disinfection with Temporal Immunity by Cellular Automata
Sukanta Das, Nazma N Naskar, Sukanya Mukherjee, Mamata Dalui and Biplab K Sikdar. Characterization of CA Rules For SACA Targeting Detection of Faulty Nodes In WSN
Moisés Espínola, Rosa Ayala, Saturnino Leguizamón, Luis Iribarne and Massimo Menenti. Cellular Automata Applied in Remote Sensing to Implement Contextual pseudo fuzzy Classification
Anna T. Lawniczak, Hao Wu and Bruno N. Di Stefano. Impact of Coupling of Distributed Denial of Service Attack with Routing on Throughput of Packet Switching Network
Coffee break
Codes and Cryptography (H. Umeo)
Jaydeb Bhaumik, Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury and Indrajit Chakrabarti. Null Boundary 90/150 Cellular Automata for Multi-byte Error Correcting Code
Sourav Das and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury. Generating Cryptographically Suitable Non linear Maximum Length Cellular Automata
Amparo Fuster-Sabater, Pino Caballero- Gil. Chaotic Cellular Automata with Cryptographic Application
Sandip Karmakar, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury. D-Monomial Tests of Nonlinear Cellular Automata for Cryptographic Design
Gina Oliveira and Luiz Gustavo Martins. Exhaustive Evaluation of Radius 2 Toggle Rules for a Variable- Length Cellular Automata Cryptographic Model
20.00 Ascoli Piceno sightseeing


Poster Section

  • Seyyed Amir Hadi Minoofam and Azam Bastanfard. Square Kufic Pattern Formation by Asynchronous Cellular Automata
  • Nirmalya S Maiti, Soumyabrata Ghosh, Biplab K Sikdar and Parimal Pal Chaudhuri. Programmable Cellular Automata (PCA) Based Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Hardware Architecture
  • Ebrahim Foulaadvand and Somayyeh Belbasi. Simulation of traffic flow at a signalized intersection
  • Oleksandr MAKARENKO, Dmitriy Krushinskiy, Anton Musienko and Boris Goldengorin. Cellular Automata Football Models
  • David Tuck, Willard Miranker and Jose Costa. A Metapopulation Based Model of Carcinogenesis
  • Cecile Appert-Rolland and Jeremie Du Boisberranger. Macroscopic relaxation after on-ramps: real data vs. cellular automata simulations


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